Letter: Differences between Paul, Bruch couldn’t be greater

Letter to the Editor


I’ve learned a lot while researching candidates for the state Legislature, Position 2, 10th District. I’ve learned there’s a clear choice.

Incumbent Dave Paul, a Democrat, is a family man with character, values and a strong background in education. He communicates well and listens to constituents, all of which helped him to be a productive first-term legislator.

In contrast, unfortunately, Republican Bill Bruch’s character reflects what we see nationally with Republicans. He is out of step with reasonable people. In checking out his campaign Facebook page, I saw a post where Mr. Bruch thanks attendees at a Republican gala with over 430 people in attendance.

Another post by Bruch references a large rally in Arlington. Really? Huge gatherings? Clearly his first priority is not protecting the health and safety of his fellow human beings and following public health guidelines.

It does not bode well if he were to be elected.

I’m also alarmed by Mr. Bruch’s desire to sabotage our public school system. Per his campaign website, he advocates a program which would direct taxpayer funds to parents who can then educate children “… in home schools, private schools, trade schools, charter schools or Christian schools.”

Our state Constitution provides for “a general and uniform system of public schools.” I suspect our state’s founders did not have in mind using taxpayer dollars to fund church schools.

Our choice is clear. Please join me in voting for incumbent Dave Paul, Democrat. He deserves re-election to state Legislature, position 2, representing the 10th District.

Merri Huffine

Oak Harbor