Letter: ‘Deranged screed’ wrong, Americans are suffering


You recently published a deranged screed from a local Trumpster. He made the astonishing statement that, “I would bet that not one of these people — presumably referring to people who respect the U.S. Constitution — have suffered from anything President Trump has done.”

I, like most average Americans, have suffered financially, my health has been adversely affected and my personal security has diminished since this president took office.

I now pay more income tax under the Trump Tax Scam Act than I did previously. Because the tax scam will add $1.5 trillion to the national debt, cuts will have to be made in Medicare and Social Security.

The tax scam did not cut corporate loopholes, putting more of a burden on the middle class. In fact, corporate lobbyists have been working with the Treasury Department to add corporate benefits not included in the bill signed by the president.

Corporate subsidies are continuing and, added to those subsidies, we now have to subsidize farmers due to Trump’s “tariff wars.” And they have the nerve to call Democrats “Socialists.”

Not only do I now have to pay more taxes, so will my children and their children because of our huge national debt.

This is directly due to the “benefit the rich at all cost” policies of President Trump.

An AARP study concluded that people aged 50 to 64 will face health insurance premium increases of up to $1,500 due to Trump policies.

Eliminating the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, ie “Obamacare,” is taking coverage away from 4 million people now and will leave 13 million uninsured by 2025, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Mr. Hickey should ask these millions of Americans if they have been affected adversely.

Trump has embarked on a multi-pronged approach to protect polluters at the cost of the health of Americans.

Every day we see the effects of anthropogenic global climate change, yet the president withdrew from the International Climate Accords, promotes increased use of fossil fuels and poo-poos energy saving lightbulbs, toilets and dishwashers.

The EPA has reduced regulation of toxic pollutants in the air we breathe, leading to increased COPD and childhood asthma. EPA has reduced regulations related to methane flares. EPA is reducing automobile mileage standards.

Overall, EPA’s enforcement of regulations protecting our air and water has declined 30 percent under the Trump “protect the polluters” policies.

President Trump overruled an Obama policy that would have made it more difficult for mentally ill people to purchase guns. In fact, Trump has encouraged mentally ill people to get guns.

His rhetoric has stirred up hatred that had been buried. The rise in hate crimes, anti-semitism, and other forms of bigotry is a hallmark of his presidency, making life more dangerous for all Americans.

Trump’s bellicose and often irrational rants have alienated our traditional allies and stirred up latent anti-Americanism in many parts of the world.

Without our allies we Americans are more vulnerable. Without a coherent foreign policy the world is a more dangerous place for everyone.

Of course Mr. Hickey was being disingenuous in claiming that Trump was impeached because people don’t like him.

Trump was impeached because Congress has a duty under the Constitution to do so when a president violates his Oath of Office and puts his own priorities ahead of those of the citizens of this republic.

The Trump impeachment will be debated for decades and there is no hope of resolving anything in these pages, but I did want to correct his misstatement about Americans not suffering under Trump’s corrupt administration.

John Thompson

Oak Harbor