Letter: Democracy, though ravaged, survived this terrible period


It should be obvious now that Donald Trump, and his supporters and enablers, represent a clear and present danger to our democracy.

His supporters represent a class of Americans who live in an alternate reality fed by fear and fantasy. Their appearance on the political scene was anticipated. These poor folks embrace falsehoods and absurd conspiracy theories.

The fact is that, though Vlad was sad, the entire rational world breathed a sigh of relief to see Trump defeated.

For four long disturbing, destructive years we watched this enemy of democracy, lover of dictators and white supremacists, pseudo-Christian, enabler of grifters, torturer of children and families, abuser of women, defiler of the rules of decorum and decency, denier of science and reality, extortionist and betrayer of allies and pardoner of liars, thieves and war criminals wreck havoc.

This narcissistic wannabe dictator, worked tirelessly to shred the fabric of our democracy and almost succeeded. He had powerful allies in boardrooms and in Congress as well as the Fox propaganda machine.

Studies have pointed out Fox News’ biases. The Business Insider reported that “media outlets such as Fox News and MSNBC have a negative impact on people’s current events knowledge, while NPR and Sunday morning political talk shows are the most informative sources of news.”

According to the Pew Research Center, “The Fox News audience skews more ideological than that of its two main competitors.”

Their methods are studied in high schools and universities as examples of bad journalism.

While senators Ted Cruz and JoshHawley maneuver to inherit the irrational, we’ll be praying for their return to sanity and invite them to join us on Jan. 20 to celebrate our democracy which, though ravaged, survived this terrible period.

Gary Piazzon


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