Letter: Cult leader Trump has brought this country to shame


Richard Ays’ misguided, asinine comparison of the DNC as “mental” slaves was pathetic and fell flat on its face.

Well, Donald Trump, serving as their “Dear Leader,” has a cult of followers who would believe him if he said fire isn’t hot and water isn’t wet. He promised his flock a wall, which Mexico didn’t pay for. He hasn’t “Made America Great” but has brought this country to an open shame.

Other countries pity us. Our allies have left while our enemies have remained.

He flaunts his bromance with the ex-KGB thug, Vladimir Putin, who plays him like a piano. Putin put bounties on our troops and Trump has remained silent. This is an affront to every soldier, living or dead, who fought for this country.

Thousands of Americans are dying from COVID-19 and his response is, “It is what it is.”

Environmental rules are gutted; numerous regulations rolled back. He’s taken a sledgehammer to the Constitution and constantly violates his Oath of Office. White nationalists/supremacists proclaim, “He’s our guy” as he continues his march towards a dictatorship.

Democracy hangs in the balance as he tries to stop people from voting by slowing the mail to a snail’s pace!

Aside from being the worst president and Attorney General in history, Trump and William Barr are clear and present dangers to this country.

Furthermore, Mr. Ays, as a black woman, I take issue with your baseless “African-American female idiot” remark. Resorting to such represents your limited mentality, so I’ll just consider the source.

Just remember this: Trump, the cult leader, is nothing more than a selfish, egotistical empty suit, whose latest claim to fame is that he can tell a giraffe from a lion and can remember five words: Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.

Valetta Faye

Oak Harbor