Letter: Critical Race Theory mandate will destroy innocence


Gov. Jay Inslee recently bypassed all school boards and parents by signing into law a measure that will mandate so-called “Critical Race Theory” training of public school faculty.

Of course, the children will be exposed to this nonsense. That’s the whole idea. It will destroy the innocence of many children and will create more entitlement-minded, America-hating racists and Marxists.

Democrats are literally trying to use children to destroy this nation. This is a disgrace. History has warned us of times like this.

Evidently, nobody has paid attention.

Something has to be done to stop this madness. At some point there has to be a line in the sand where we recognize such measures as un-American and the liberals who legislate such measures as domestic enemies.

Never in the history of the USA have we seen politicians so ideologically driven to accomplish the very things our veterans fought against in several wars.

Michael Bradley

Oak Harbor