Letter: Consider new candidates to replace those entrenched


During this campaign season there are many new and interesting candidates with campaign signs all over who are running for public office. Some deserve serious consideration to replace those who have been entrenched for decades, have become complacent, and offer no new ideas and, instead of voting as constituents desire, vote their own desires and vote strictly down party lines, in lockstep. Not chance of them breaking away and working with the other side.

This is why we have a dysfunctional government: old timers set in their ways and have become career politicians and power brokers. If they campaign in their districts at all, they make promises that appeal to local voters, but, on a state or national level, they are locked into strict party-line votes with little to no consideration for the good of the country, only the party.

Some of these entrenched are so confident, so smug in being reelected, they do not even campaign, knowing voters will rubber-stamp them. Except for his name on the ballot, I have yet to see even one reelection campaign poster, or sign, to reelect Rep. Rick Larsen.

Also, do we really need Gov. Jay Inslee for a third term? Is he that great a governor?

Time to try someone else.

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor

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