Letter: Congress needs to ‘pull back’ Taylor Greene


Perhaps Marjorie Taylor Greene and people of her ilk need to get hold of a history book. She does not seem to know the Holocaust was about discrimination and annihilation of a completely innocent group of people because of their religion.

The pandemic’s need of masking and vaccines is about saving lives and has nothing to do with branding anyone. It’s public health. If she is so ignorant, she should look around and see how we are getting closer to normal, than we have been in over a year, so the procedures are working.

The more people who comply, the faster we will get there.

Greene is really just about seeking attention and is not a person we need in Congress, which should be about the people’s business and their needs.

We have already endured four-plus years of a “shock jock.” We do not need any more of those histrionics. Congress needs to fine a way to censure and pull her back if they can’t expel her.

Nancy Mayer


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