Letter: Chains keep trash lids closed on windy days


Again today, after the Coupeville recyclables were picked up (sic) we took our morning walk, and there were “Recyclables,” ( now trash) all over the ground all around town. What a shame to see all that trash all over. Hey, I get it, it was very windy last night and this morning, and some good people tried to put a rock on top of the container lid, but that hardly works. However, I have found that if you put 2 feet of a heavy chain attached by wire to the lid, this will keep the lid down during the windy days.

Please think: some of this now strewn garbage, especially plastics, will find its way into the cove and … well, you can figure it out. I do pick up a lot of trash around Coupeville already and don’t need recyclables to become part of my trash collection. Please do your part. Call me if you need any help getting that chain put on. My Phone: 360-678-0577. Thank you and God bless.

Luie Ferrer