Letter: Cemetery ‘jokers’ disrespectful on Memorial Day


Last Monday the wife and I stopped at Sunnyside Cemetery for a Memorial Day celebration. There were quite a few people paying their respects to all the veterans buried there. This was a very solemn affair, with flower wreath presentations and some speeches.

However, not far from us was this loud-talking, coking and joking group of about 10 other people taking some kind of a tour of the cemetery. These disrespectful “jokers” did not seem to care what the rest of us were doing. Finally, they all walked away to look at the older part of the cemetery. I happened to know one of the jokers in that group. She is a big wheel of a certain outfit around Coupeville. You’d think these characters would have some common sense and show some dignity and respect for our memorial?

I kind of started to see and think: “Is this the new America?” A bunch of disrespectful fools that don’t give a damn about anyone else and the rest of us? Sad, very sad these jokers are. Definitely, they all flunked “good manners school.” I have only one regret. I wish I had gone over to them and told them how some of us feel, and to show some respect.

God bless America and all our dead veterans.

Luie Ferrer