Letter: Carolyn Cliff is well known to the local legal community

Letter to the Editor


We support Carolyn Cliff for Island County Superior Court Judge.

In a recent letter to the editor, a writer stated that he supported Carolyn’s opposing candidate because the opposing candidate was new to the local legal community and had not practiced law locally. These are deficiencies, not advantages.

Contrariwise, Carolyn is well known to the local legal community and has practiced law locally for many years, including the very court in which she would preside. She is well-grounded in the subject matter and types of cases that constantly appear on that court docket. That is an asset.

Also, practicing members of the local legal community can observe and learn about a fellow lawyer from many perspectives. That is, get to know their true character and legal prowess.

Accordingly, Carolyn is known to us as very knowledgeable, well prepared, honest, and honorable.

In addition, a judge’s local knowledge can be valuable when deciding local issues. But a judge’s decision must be based upon the applicable law and proven facts, not upon local connections. Carolyn will focus on relevant law; she will not be influenced by local connections.

Please vote for Carolyn Cliff. She will be an admirable Superior Court Judge.

Joan McPherson, former Island County Superior Court judge

Molly McPherson, practicing Island County attorney

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