Letter: Candidate’s effectiveness matter, not gender


I am writing this letter in response to your article “Commissioner challengers address Old Goats.” I was in attendance at that event and couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Rick Hannold suggest the way to improve this commission was to bring on a man! Is he living in the stone age? Our county elected an all-woman commission because the voters thought these individuals would be the best choice. As it turns out, this commission has not been successful at solving the county’s problems, but what it needs are new ideas and effective leadership. Man or woman, it’s the results that matter.

Concerning Mr. Hannold calling his opponent “evil” — what ever happened to civil discourse? We can certainly disagree without resorting to accusations such as this unless specific proof is presented, which was not. On his website Mr. Hannold claims he believes in honesty and respect, but those values were not exhibited at that debate at all. He actually had to be cut off several times by the moderator, because he wouldn’t stop talking, in addition to becoming angry and defensive when questioned about his record.

It’s interesting that Kira Erickson did not mention the sizable crowd that attended, or identify herself as a member of the press. This event was so well-attended, the room overflowed. In addition, her article included responses from Janet St. Clair, who was not in attendance. Commissioner St. Clair was quoted as saying, “there are jurisdictional intersections at work that the average citizen may not easily comprehend,” the implication being that voters are not as smart as she. How can residents be properly represented with this type of attitude? Perhaps this is the reason why this board operates without much transparency.

On the other hand, Tim Hazelo presented himself as sincere, dedicated, positive and energetic. When he inferred that he and Rick were generally on the same page, it was concerning public positions and their similar backgrounds in the military, not the outlandish and often times thoughtless views expressed by Mr. Hannold.

Mr. Hazelo demonstrated he is the right choice with common sense solutions that will work for the benefit of all in beautiful Island County.

Stephanie Schriger