Letter: Candidate is unqualified to hold office


Though most of us have already voted, some truths still need telling.

In his Nov. 1 Letter: “Article got some things wrong” Island County commissioner candidate Tim Hazelo once again tells us exactly why he is unqualified to hold office, and why we should not vote for him.

In his letter, he either confirms or denies – or says nothing – about climate change, and he says he supports Biden (I think?) He also shows a complete lack of leadership with the Island County Republicans, who voted to adopt violence, conspiracy theories and Trump’s attempted stolen election.

As the leader of the local Republican Misfit Toys, Tim apparently has no opinions about such things, but he will bend (over) to the will of the people or the Republican Party, whichever gives him the most attention.

I wonder if ‘Open Book’ Tim or the Island Republican Misfit Toys, or the Informed Old Goats even notice that none of Tim Hazelo’s ‘clarifications’ or his ‘truths’ have anything to do with being an Island County Commissioner? Again, in his ‘I cannot tell a lie’ fashion, Hazelo shows us he has no interest in, nor does he even care about the office he’s running for.

David Freed