Letter: Can-do Homola would hit deck running as state representative


One inevitable outcome of the COVID-19 epidemic is that our state will experience an unprecedented crunch in its operations and budget in 2020-21 and beyond. The governor has already canceled several needed projects due to lack of funds.

No room for scared or insulated legislators — it’s “all-hands-on-deck” time.

That’s why I’m endorsing Angie Homola as our 10th District Democratic state representative. She is a fearless, energetic can-do person as evidenced in her work with an ailing Island County in 2015 headed for budgetary insolvency.

She helped craft a 20% reduction in budget while developing green business opportunities. She went on to creatively balance interests of forest and agriculture, revive a sagging veteran support structure, and generate sustainable policies for shoreline protection. Additionally she did major updating of county tech methods in its operations.

This is only a sampling of her many accomplishments.

We don’t have time for dithering as 2021 dawns after a brutal economic/political/social/health storm-surge in most of 2020. Help can-do Angie hit the deck running by voting her in as Democratic state rep in the August primary and November election.

Mark Wahl