Letter: Campbell has the support of staff, deputies


Regarding the two candidates for sheriff of Island County, I personally know both Lane Campbell and Rick Felici. I will not make any negative comments on either of the candidates. However, I do need to relate to some comments I have heard or read regarding the candidates.

Statements have been made that Lane Campbell, as a road deputy, has no administrative experience and therefore would not be as effective as Rick Felici, who is the current chief criminal deputy.

Mark Brown, who was a very effective sheriff for the past 12 years, had no administrative experience when he was first elected. Lane Campbell has 27 years as a deputy in Island County, interacting with all situations and persons in our county and has a strong pulse on every aspect of life and problems in our county.

Also, both candidates registered as Republican candidates for the sheriff position.

I find it curious that it appears that many of Rick Felici’s staunch supporters are Democrats. Is there a connection there? The voters will have to be the judge on that issue.

The other sheriff’s staff and deputies whom I know, including myself, all support Lane Campbell. We all feel strongly that Campbell would perform best in representing law enforcement, and “we the people” of Island County.

Lawrence Kiger

Oak Harbor