Letter: Callahan’s decision shows his dedication


In the November meeting of the Port of Coupeville, Commissioner John Callahan announced his decision to honor the voters’ choice and continue his role as Port Commissioner, despite initially planning to concede the race to his opponent, Angela Ewert. As a former Non-Profit Board Member with Commissioner Callahan, I would like to express my thoughts on this issue.

Initially, Commissioner Callahan had publicly announced his intention to concede the race due to health issues. However, during the Port of Coupeville regular meeting in November, he received confirmation of his election victory despite that public announcement, prompting him to reconsider. It was revealed that his health had improved since his October statement, a factor that played a significant role in his decision.

Additionally, I believe that, Commissioner Callahan recognized the voters’ desire for him to continue his excellent work as port commissioner. He understands the importance of honoring their wishes and upholding democratic principles. This decision reflects his dedication to public service and his respect for the constituents who supported him.

In conclusion, I respect Commissioner Callahan’s decision and believe that it exemplifies his commitment to working towards the betterment of the Port of Coupeville and his unwavering dedication to public service.

Bob Spitzer