Letter: Bigotry is a choice, gender identity is not


This is in response to Lorinda Newton’s letter in the May 9 Whidbey News-Times urging people to sign petition R90 which would, in her words, “give people a voice in controversial curriculum decisions” apparently triggered by a new state mandated sex education bill.

I would like to say an emphatic “no” to the petition.

The bill already provides for community input — communities will help districts select materials that meet the State criteria. So overturning it doesn’t do that — in fact, takes that away. Also, any parent can opt out their own child.

I want my grandchildren to be taught science, as determined by scientists, history based in fact, literature that reflects a broad range of cultures, and yes, sex education that is inclusive.

Indeed, Ms, Newton’s primary objection seems to be that sex education promotes a “sexual orientation and gender identity world view.” As well it should, Ms. Newton, because of people like you.

We are living in a dystopian society where bigotry and hate is seen as “normal” while some gender identities are not. Bigotry and hatred are a choice. Gender identity is not a choice. And because some children are born with gender identities people like you find objectionable, your freedom to express bigotry and hatred which may harm those children requires schools to become more active safe havens for them.

And is your desire for parents to control what children are taught limited to sex education? or are holocaust denial, and insistence the God created the world in exactly seven 24-hour days next on your list of what should/should not be taught?

I strongly urge citizens to not support petition R90.

Babette Thompson


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