Letter: ‘Big Lie’ should be called ‘The Big Question’


It amazes me that the media has focused on the question of voting irregularities in the last election as “The Big Lie.” While I do not know if the election results were accurate or fudged, or that the slim margin of victory touted by Democrats would hold up under a thorough investigation, I do know that there was bias and unusual pressure put upon our election officials.

That Democrat agents illegally changed rules in states, flooded precincts with mail-in ballots without verification or identification and collected them without chain of custody verification is without doubt.

Precinct vote counters were overloaded and disorganized while observers were denied adequate access to observe. That many of us refuse to believe there wasn’t something fishy about the outcome isn’t that we aren’t willing to believe that Mr. Biden won, but that our concerns are dismissed without any real response.

Basically, we are told to shut up and stop complaining.

Stacey Abrams of Georgia still claims that she is that state’s governor and is featured on every left-wing outlet as a wronged woman. Don’t we deserve the same consideration?

Essentially “The Big Lie” should be “The Big Question” that is never asked.

Fred Wilferth


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