Letter: Biden the best president to help restore democracy


The second impeachment of Donald J. Trump is a sad thing, but not for him — for us, because we did not do it right the first time and remove him from office. Had he been removed last year, seven people would be alive, many Capitol police would not have been maimed, injured and one killed.

The Capitol building also would not have been breached, ransacked and so much damage done. It’s a sad day when one person can attempt and cause so much damage to our democracy.

Will we ever get the trust back? Will we ever trust our elected officials again? I hope so, but we have lived through a miserable time, when a pathetic cult of personality led so many people astray and convinced them to do so much mental and physical damage to so many others.

Plus, the harm the pandemic has already done to our people and the economy this past year.

On a positive front, the election went on, more transparent and free than any in history, leaving us with President Joe Biden, who has already made strides to restore our norms, help people who are hurting and get vaccines out to all who are waiting for them.

With Biden and Harris, we have a chance to return to the normalcy we enjoyed before Trump; but never forget what he instigated and brought down on us. Maybe then we will not need to watch everything the government does, for fear of abuses. Maybe then we can trust again.

We have much repairing to do to our democracy. It will get done. I hope also that, going forth, we will all be more careful of who we put in office, that we will vet them soundly and not just vote for them because their party affiliation matches our own.

This may be difficult, but it can be done and should be done. I pray it will be done.

Nancy Mayer


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