Letter: Biden mistaken if he thinks he has a handle on dissent


Today I will take down my American flag, fold it and place it somewhere safe for it is no longer the symbol of freedom.

This is no longer the country I remember.

The people in charge have no sense of proportion, they lack a knowledge of history, cannot see the hypocrisy of their actions and are ironically challenged.

How do we who believe in the principals of the Constitution celebrate the open shredding of it by the left. They find it a fine document as long as it suits them, but disagree and it is just a scrap of meaningless paper.

People like Nancy Pelosi, Jay Inslee, Maxine Waters and the folks at CNN are quick to forgive rioters who destroy our cities. They call them “mostly peaceful protesters,” but when a few hoodlums use a mostly peaceful protest to cause havoc, they suddenly race to their dictionaries to find labels like insurrectionists to condemn everyone they don’t like.

Our incoming “Peter Principle” president is in for a rocky road if he thinks that he has a handle on dissent. His opening salvos are anything but healing and unifying and he is surrounding himself with the worst kind of partisans. Globally he has given a green light to the tyrants of the world.

Taiwan will soon become the next Hong Kong and Iran will grow bolder again. More U.S. soldiers will die in senseless combat for unspecified goals.

It is not a pretty picture. Seventy-three million Americans deserve better and so does the world.

Fred Wilferth


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