Letter: Biden is doing what Trump falsely accused of


For four years, former President Trump was severely criticized by Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer. They were joined by fellow Democrats claiming he was destroying our democracy.

During that alleged destruction we had energy independence, low fuel prices, low taxes, jobs, a thriving economy, a booming stock market, high optimism, law and order, improved border security, safety and world respect.

Fabrications and distortions about Trump by the mainstream media, celebrities and 24/7 negative Trump coverage, repeated so often it must be true, did the job and Trump was defeated in the 2020 election.

Joe Biden, a weak, uninspiring, unlikely candidate was elected in spite of hiding in his basement, showing definite signs of cognitive problems that were kept from the public, questionable activities with his son Hunter and little campaigning, was elected in a landslide of votes so improbable as to question the validity of those votes.

Today, Biden and his administration are doing what Trump was accused of but didn’t do. They are destroying our constitutional republic. Through executive actions we now have essentially wide open borders, lost our energy independence with a war on fossil fuels that has raised fuel prices and killed thousands of jobs, ignore our immigration laws. Allowing in and transporting illegals invading our country, some may be gang members or terrorists, disease carriers, and all in need, to various states, unvetted, and refuses to visit our southern border to see for himself, and denies a border crisis of his own making, thus endangering our security and safety.

Our First and Second amendments are under attack, federal spending is unrestrained with soaring national debt. High taxes and severe U.S. climate change regulations to save the world are coming.

Biden is considering packing the Supreme Court to ensure consistent favorable rulings on the leftist agenda and wants to make those invading our country citizens to increase Democrat representation in states and Congress.

There is a lot more but space limitations are in play. House Democrats just passed a bill to give Washington, D.C. statehood to provide an additional senator and two representatives in the Democrat-led House.

HR-1 would legalize all of the questionable activities they used to elect Biden. They are firmly against voter ID and in-person voting and want to eliminate the electoral college.

Democrats are using every means, seek perpetual rule of our country under Democrat socialism and have not done one thing for the good of the country or citizens, so why should we expect them to change? Yet Trump was named a villain and defeated because he was wrecking our democracy?

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor

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