Letter: Bernie Sanders also drew big crowds, but he still lost


After the Jan. 6 disgrace at the United States Capitol, I remembered a letter appearing in this newspaper a week earlier. The writer said that there was evidence that the election was rigged because the president filled stadiums with his rallies while Biden couldn’t fill a parking lot.

I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. Sanders also drew large enthusiastic crowds and was also defeated by Biden. If you ask me the reasons why my candidate lost, you might conclude I am a cynic. You could not conclude I am a fool who thinks lack of enthusiasm for the winner indicates that the election was rigged.

If you participate in elections, you get used to inevitable frequent losses. A portion of the population apparently doesn’t grasp this inevitability. They think that losing means the system is rigged, so other methods of changing the government are acceptable. In the good old days, we assumed such people were Communists.

Now it seems we must assume they are Republicans.

Lynn Petersen


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