Letter: Before voting for president in November, take time to check the facts


This is an open letter to Trump supporters — critical thinking.

Our forefathers who wrote all the documents, the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution, that created this wonderful country had the best of hopes. But, they cautioned against too much power in any one of the branches of government. They knew they did not want any part of a monarchy. They established three branches of government, each held accountable to another branch.

Currently the executive branch has decreed that it will not be held accountable to Congress, refusing to comply with their lawful oversight. This cannot continue.

When you cast your vote this fall, please be well informed. We ask that you put aside your zeal for the current administration and think instead about what might be best for our country, because they clearly, are not. We think it is incumbent on each voter to educate themselves, to confirm that your source of information is accurate and unbiased.

During our education, we learned what critical thinking is, it means questioning the source of information; do they have their own agenda or an axe to grind? Is it a fair statement with backup information that can be independently verified?

If not, falsehoods might serve some other agenda.

Individuals on both sides, liberal and conservative, have misstated facts, provided false information, or skewed information incorrectly. Getting to the truth requires time and effort — many would rather just follow their party blindly because it is easier. Please don’t fall into that trap. It could result in an election with results that you may not be happy with and you will have only yourself to blame. But we will all have to live with the consequences.

The Trump administration has made it a point to repeatedly criticize and malign the media, intelligence agencies, Department of Justice, judiciary (Courts) and the Democratic party. Please take the time to check the facts; find an impartial source and get to the real truth. We suggest www.factcheck.org.

Question Trump’s and everyone else’s statements. Our country’s future depends on the efforts of those who love it; not they who put their own interests first. Things have gotten out of balance and we must come back to what matters. Decide what matters to you and then educate yourself so you will know who can best make that happen.

Michael and Linda Hauser


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