Letter: Bacon the best choice for county commisioner seat


As an experienced political person in Island County, I urge you to vote for Melanie Bacon as county commissioner for District 1.

I couldn’t agree more with commissioner Price Johnson’s assessment of Melanie as a “thoughtful, pragmatic and experienced leader.” Already thoroughly conversant with management and policy-making at the county level, Melanie will hit the ground running.

Her environmental credentials are impeccable.

For me, this vote is particularly easy because of whom Melanie is running against. I haven’t had a single encounter with Damian Greene that hasn’t been unpleasant; I just don’t think he’s got the temperament or the intellect to deal with the often complex and explosive issues that confront our Commissioners on a regular basis.

And I’m hardly the only one who knows that Damian Greene is strung way too far right to fairly represent the increasingly blue south end.

John Graham


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