Letter: Bacon ideal candidate for diversity of Island County


I support Melanie Bacon for Island County commissioner, District 1.

Melanie’s experience managing human resources for Island County and working closely with our county commissioners places her in an excellent position to evaluate, understand and administrate policy for Island County.

Our economy is as diverse as our population and demands a candidate equipped with experience in managing the needs of Island County.

Island County boasts a very diverse population. Melanie is running as a candidate embracing inclusiveness and will be inclusive to govern.

As director of human resources for Island County Melanie has created a much more diverse workforce and the county continues to attract women, people of color and other diverse community members.

Bacon’s county profile reads, “she creates opportunities to generate mutually supportive and collaborative relationships.” She is “an advocate for harmony, trust and fairness and encourages others accordingly.”

She will work cooperatively with all residents of Island County to maintain our well being. Problems facing Island County are echoed throughout the Pacific Northwest and the entire country: economic stress, environmental concerns, affordable housing, affordable healthcare, small business support and education of our young people in these trying times.

Candidates who think globally and act locally are needed and appreciated.

Melanie Bacon’s experience makes her an ideal candidate for the diversity of our unique county.

Her work experience includes Army intelligence officer, leader in the National Organization of Women, prison chaplain, founding member of an educational endowment foundation, board member for a domestic violence shelter and former chairperson of a planning commission and zoning board responsible for long-range planning in Island County.

As an immigrant brought to this country in the 1950s and receiving my citizenship a few years later, candidates without prejudice are particularly important for me.

I am also a veteran who served in the U.S. Navy.

I’ve lived all over the world, calling Whidbey Island my home for 20 years.

Melanie Bacon’s sense of fair play and openness to all people impresses me as the vision we need to keep Island County as special and open as it has always been.

Kay Parsons

Oak Harbor

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