Letter: As a society, we cannot allow ’slave patrols,’ or lynchings


The killing of young black men and women because “we thought this” or “suspected that” is appalling and always has been.

A boy walking home or a young man out for a jog or a woman home in bed is never a reason to die, just because they happen to be black. White men riding around in trucks, with guns loaded, hunting down, killing and documenting their act is monstrous.

Taking the law into their own hands and not just stopping someone, for whatever reason, but killing unarmed black youths, when no crime or hint of one existing, is obscene.

Using deadly force and not being arrested is beyond imagination, unspeakable, atrocious.

Why do you deserve to have a gun if it will be used for your hatred and prejudice? Some plain-clothes police, not announcing themselves, after midnight, breaking in and killing the wrong person.

What an atrocity. Shouldn’t you be sure of what you are doing?

These killings have been going on forever and it’s time they stopped. These beautiful young people had a brilliant future and it’s so sad they will never be realized.

Why can’t we think in terms of other people having the same rights as we expect and demand?

Live and let live is always a good motto if you don’t have one. Do we as a society still want the idea of “slave patrol” or “lynching” to exist? Because I can assure you our black neighbors probably see it as such.

We must toughen up gun laws and demand all our laws are applied fairly once and for all.

This is not a pipe dream, it can be done. It must be done. I pray it will be done.

Nancy Mayer


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