Letter: Are we simply sheep who blindly following leaders?


As our governor contemplates how to extend his lockdown order, and what to do after his powers expire on May 31, my question is, what will the citizens of Washington state do?

Have we in the United States of America become a nation of sheep blindly following what the media and government tell us to do? We have faced mass deaths from viruses in the past.

The Hong Kong Flu in 1969 killed over 100,000 people in the United States. While I remember some talk about it at the time, I was busy graduation from high school, getting a job and then enlisting in the Navy.

There was no talk of social distancing and stay at home orders or anything of the sort.

We have given up our freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, because someone said we had to. It was not enough to follow long established procedures for viral infections, in some cases they totally ignored the long established isolation of those with the sickness and required those positive with the virus to be housed in places where the most vulnerable lived.

Numerous deaths in New York are a result of this.

Legal experts in TV interviews repeated the unconstitutionality of the orders restricting our meeting for church, gathering in public and ordering us to stay at home. Judge Napolitano and Judge Jeanine have both said further restrictions are against the U.S. constitution.

President Donald Trump called for all governors to open up churches, synagogues, and mosques this last weekend. Our governor still is contemplating a continued lockdown extension.

As I look at what has happened, I see a bunch of people being conditioned, like Pavlov’s dog, to do what the government says and how it says to do it.

You see leaders of business proposing mass vaccinations with the implant of a microchip to “verify who is safe and who is not.” Does Nazi Germany and wearing of a yellow star sound familiar? Or is this a test to see how a one world government will operate and how people will follow orders?

The last time I checked, I was an adult who when explained the dangers of a situation was able to make my choices as to my activities. Like in 1969 flu epidemic, I made my choices.

I am a believer in Jesus Christ and, as such, follow the teachings in the Bible. It says to honor those in power over us.

I look at the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, which every elected official vows to uphold, and is the foundation of our laws, both national and state, as the authority under which I stand.

The First Amendment guarantees my freedom to worship and no government has the right to pass laws that infringe on that ability, or the other rights given to us.

So, are we going to be sheep blindly following the leaders or we going to stand up for the liberties that so many fought and died for and we just celebrated their sacrifices this last weekend?

Joseph Moreland

Oak Harbor

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