Letter: Appreciative of fire department’s efforts


This is the 1st time I’ve ever written you a letter. But I want to commend the Oak Harbor Fire Department for a job well done. On Thursday evening, 10/27/22, I had already used my microwave to prepare dinner. It was OFF. I was heating eggs to boil on the stove when suddenly my microwave just exploded! I attempted to extinguish the flames with a dishtowel but wasn’t successful. The fire department and a police officer were here within minutes. Plastic from inside the microwave was melting down the front and sides. It was VERY SCARY!!

The very capable and timely firemen removed my defunct microwave to my garage and used special equipment to draw out all the smoke from my kitchen and house. The firemen were efficient and knowledgeable. They were well-trained, thorough, polite and reassuring. They even cleaned all the mess on the kitchen floor and counters!

I had already mailed in my ballot for next week’s election voting YES for the two fire department proposals. I’m hoping all your WNT readers will vote YES, also. It was VERY scary thinking my house was going to burn down — but the fire department didn’t let that happen!

Erlene VanDerMeer

Oak Harbor