Letter: Appeasement of a bully only leads to destruction, death

Letter to the Editor


I have a question for those who intend to vote for a Democratic politician. Do you honestly agree with the Democratic party’s current use of violence?

When you are alone, do you look in the mirror and agree that the looting, burning, assaults and murders that Seattle’s Mayor Durkin and Gov. Jay Inslee are allowing to happen in Seattle are OK? Or, with the more than three months of nightly violence that Mayor Wheeler and Gov. Brown are allowing to happen in Portland, Ore.?

Do you think the recent destruction in Kenosha, Wisc. is right and proper? Are you OK with Joe Biden uttering the threat that if he is not elected the violence will not stop? Do you agree with Kamala Harris when she stated they are not going to stop, or with Maxine Waters when she repeatedly advocates the use of violence against anybody who disagrees with Democrats?

What is the moral justification for inaction in the face of violence?

What moral imperative makes it OK to use and encourage violence as a path to political power? By now, it should be blindingly obvious to all that the ongoing violence in Democrat controlled cities has nothing to do with the myths of “racist police” or “systemic racism in America.”

This is about the Democratic party using mob violence as a path to power. If you have even the slightest inclination to support people who have demonstrated their willingness to use violence against some to instill fear in all of us, please rethink your position.

The history of the 20th century is awash with the blood of tens of millions of citizens tortured and murdered by their own socialist style government. Even now, the Chinese Communist Party in China continues the slaughter of its own citizens. A political party that chooses to use mob violence to achieve a political objective is taking the first steps down this bloody path.

Keep in mind that, like any common bully, the basic truth of a mob is that it consists of bullies and cowards and will achieve only what their victims will allow.

Please carefully consider the motives and intent of the individuals for whom you cast your vote. The only way to stop bullying is to stand up to the bully the very first time they attempt to use force to get their way. As has been amply demonstrated these last few months, appeasement of the bully only leads to destruction and death.

Ed Meyer

Oak Harbor