Letter: Animals will suffer because of ordinance


I am disappointed in the Coupeville mayor and city council “do-not-feed” ordinance. I understand they don’t care, but I know that one day history will document their political, intolerant and arrogant behavior. Their actions are wrong at so many levels.

When I first visited Coupeville I thought how lovely and charming to see deer grazing in the yards. I thought here is an evolved, educated and tolerant community. A community that has learned to live with their wildlife.

Wow, was I wrong. Coupeville is just as political, uneducated and arrogant as other rural little towns.

The do-not-feed ordinance is included with the water bill sent April 1. That means as slow as mail is, most people probably won’t see the water bill until near the 8th, The day the ordinance goes into effect. They have given people no time to learn of the ordinance.

Makes ya wonder, once not being fed, how long they will give the deer to move away from town before they start shooting them. Will they shoot the fawns too? How many will they shoot?

Hope all that money from the fines is used to educate the public in the evils of feeding wildlife. Jeez!

And to deliberately starve the feral cats to death instead of a trap, neuter and release program is just downright evil. Why is there no trap and release program here? Feeding feral cats helps prevent the killing of birds and small mammals.

The end result is that the innocent animals suffer. That says it all about a community.

Shame on the intolerance by the political people of Coupeville. This was a missed opportunity by you all.

Michelle Peacock


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