Letter: Americans must vote in order to see better days


It seems like Donald J. Trump has been quietly putting “his people” — sometimes just donors with no experience — in positions of power, to do his bidding.

One such person, William Barr, the U.S. attorney general, has prior experience, but has set out to gut the Justice Department. He helped Trump commute the sentence of longtime friend Roger Stone, who was charged with seven felony crimes and throwing in jail — twice.

Meanwhile, Trump is hoping to silence his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, in order to prevent his tell-all book from coming out.

Another new appointee by Trump is Louis DeJoy, a former Republican party fund-raiser, to the position of postmaster general, the first in decades without prior experience and with apparent financial conflicts of interest.

Donald Trump has tried to discredit the post office, which enjoys a top 81-91% approval rating. Now, with this appointment, we must be vigilant, as DeJoy comes in with a slew of new policies to cut costs and slow mail delivery.

These policies will disrupt the smooth running of this beloved and trusted organization just in time for the mail-in votes in November.

We know very well, here in Washington state how well this vote by mail works. It leads me to hope this practice will spread to the whole country. Trump’s irresponsible lies should probably be taken with a grain of sand or ignored as they can not be trusted.

What a shame we can no longer trust anything the person in the Oval Office says.

We must stay strong and vote so we can look to better days next year.

As the campaign gets closer, be assured Donald Trump will try to ramp things up to disrupt, divide and detract from anyone who did not vote for him. We need and deserve a president who represents all Americans, not just the 38% who voted for him.

Nancy Mayer