Letter: Americans are waking up to fact Trump a hateful, dishonest bully


Sorry Donald, you can’t tweet your way out of this one.

I have never liked Donald Trump, but at the beginning of our COVID-19 outbreak, I hoped he would set aside divisiveness and do what needed to be done: speak honestly about our crisis, bring people together despite their differences, and make the difficult choices that needed to be made.

Unfortunately, he failed us at every turn.

Early on, he avoided dealing with the outbreak, but then did an about face and bragged that he knew all along how bad it was. He takes credit for everything he thinks might be good, even if he has to make it up, while continually blaming others for everything bad that is happening, including Obama, WHO, the Chinese, and the main-stream “liberal” media.

In other words, he simply crawled into his deepest, darkest bunker, and is now sitting there, throwing stones and insults at everyone and everything he can find in the hopes that we won’t notice what he is doing.

As if to prove just how dishonest and hateful he really is, and show how little he cares about our nation, he’s doubling down with his lies: he brags about his COVID-19 response and about working with local leaders, even as our national numbers soar and he defies and mocks local decision-makers.

He’s now trying to find new allies and enemies to blame by rallying round racism and the confederate flag, and lumping together tens of millions of Americans as “far-left fascists.”

And while thousands of Americans are sick or have died, he has used the pandemic as a smoke screen, allowing billions of dollars to go to his cronies and friends, and he’s fired every inspector who might be honest enough to speak out about what he’s doing.

Luckily, millions of American are waking up to the fact that we have a hateful, dishonest, and ineffective rich-boy bully leading our country.

I hope that people are finally applying a bit of common sense and wisdom to our one-man national disaster: fool us once, shame on us; fool us twice …

David Freed


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