Letter: American workers earned Social Security, Medicare

Letter to the Editor


Lately, there has been a great deal discussion and expressed rage about the evils of socialism and how it’s going to somehow take over the nation if certain groups gain power. Those of us who receive Social Security and Medicare participate in a socialist program. Many citizens depend on Social Security and Medicare for their well-being and survival.

I realize that many citizens who have funds deducted from their pay believe that somehow Social Security is a savings account which will provide for them when they retire. It’s not.

I’ve also heard some who receive Social Security checks each month and benefit from Medicare say the same thing. Social Security and Medicare depend on payroll deductions from the checks of many employed citizens. Those who currently receive Social Security paid into it through payroll deductions they experienced when they were employed. Those deductions ensured that those who had reached the age of 65 and retired would receive Social Security benefits and would be supported just as they had supported those who had retired before them.

The Trump administration apparently desires to phase out and eventually eliminate payroll tax deductions, thereby depriving several million citizens of both a steady income or any income at all and highly expensive or no medical care at all.

These folks rely on an element of socialism that they have earned by paying into Social Security and Medicare during their employed years.

George Westergaard