Leter: Try explaining how we are better off than four years ago

Letter to the Editor


In response to the letter to the editor penned by Ed Meyer, he asked a lot of questions of people voting for Democrats. So, I’ve got a few for you too.

You asked about the violence and why anyone would support Dems with all that going on. Do you realize who is in charge, and who has fanned the flames of hatred and bigotry in this country? If you do, can you justify voting Republican?

You talk about the “myth of systemic racism,” but you aren’t looking very far are you? Have you asked a black or brown person lately how they feel? You must be doing OK, you don’t feel it, right? Are you white?

Then, you truly insulted anyone watching for the past 3.78 years by mentioning bullies without even calling out him out by name. You do know that you are talking about Trump right, the bully in chief? He’s the guy that hates immigration, even legal immigration. He’s the guy that hates military people who die or are captured in battle. He’s the guy that hates our planet by ignoring climate change.

I’m a 67-year-old white military vet who abhors and renounces every bad thing this guy stands for. Are you really gonna vote for him? If so, tell us why. This is his America, and you have to defend what he did to our country.

Stop creating a bogeyman — those “nasty” Dems — and start telling us why we are all better off today than four years ago.

Back to you.

Tim Economu