It’s just junk science

When I read the junk science letter from Gary Piazzon on “global warming” I had to reply. The temperature rise had been a half degree Celsius during the last 100 years. Around the 5th century the temperature was 3 degrees higher than now. The result? England had wine grapes and Europe had great weather.

Whatever we do has nil effect on the earth because of a great energy machine called the sun that causes long-term warming and cooling due to radiation variations. If the North Pole is losing ice the South Pole is now been found to be gaining ice.

Also, Mars has been found to have shrinking ice caps. Maybe we should have algore (sic) warn the Martians to stop polluting. Scientists once said that Earth was flat and the sun revolves around it. The computer models can’t predict with very much accuracy the weather a week from now much less 50 to 100 years.

As said by M. Savage on his talk show, “Liberalism is a mental disease”! Have a nice day.

Gordon Givan