Letter: Hillary Clinton has blazed a trail for first woman president


Whoever the first woman to become our president is, Hillary Clinton is the giant on whose shoulders she will be standing.

Like Socrates, Jesus, Eleanor Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela, she has been reviled, lied about and persecuted for being a champion of the powerless. But history has already begun to reward her: Most of us voted for her to be our president. It is only by a quirk of the Constitution that she won’t be.

This is a loss beyond measure for our country, and it must be an enormous frustration for her. The only immediate thing I could think of to do for her was to leave a message at http://hillaryclintonoffice.com/leavemessage/. The messages I read there are heartening.

If you want to send her a snail mail note, the address is Office of Hillary Rodham Clinton, 120 West 45th St., Suite 2700, New York, NY 10036.

Ann Adams

Oak Harbor

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