Haugen fan sings praises

Since 1979, I have watched Mary Margaret Haugen serve the people in Island County. First, on her local school board, then in the state House, and now in the state Senate since 1993. Her common sense and a sincere effort to “do the right thing” for all the people in her district always comes first with her. I have not been disappointed all these years. She always rises over the top like quality cream.

However, she can be tough when the going gets rough. Transportation woes are catching up with the fast population growth in the Puget Sound area. As chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, and co-chair of the Joint Transportation Committee, Mary Margaret Haugen rolled up her sleeves and said, “Let’s start fixing this problem!”, while others are dithering “what are we going to do?”

To the Republicans who scream about “taxes, taxes,” how do you think we pay for things like ferries and roads and mass transit? Do you thing the tooth ferry brings new ferries?

Nothing is free, and I want my tax dollars spent by the person who will get me the biggest bang for my hard-earned bucks!

Nobody likes taxes, but the rest of us are smart enough to realize our best choice is to re-elect people like MMH, who will continue to take care of us. Someone who listens to us, an honest person, a hardworking person who is also one of the most highly thought of elected officials in this state, Someone who can get the job done!

I want my future in Mary Margaret Haugen’s hands. You should, too. She knows what she is doing!

Carol Byng


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