Greene has a vision, common sense ideas


We need on the county board of commissioners a person who is committed to the challenges of efficiency and streamlining of all county processing. That takes someone who will dedicate their full time on the board and not be divided with other board commitments.

That person I believe is Damian Greene.

He currently is serving his third term as an elected school board director and with that comes the responsibility of overseeing and balancing a $20 million budget and 200 employees. His oversight has consistently had a balanced budget with an ongoing positive fund balance.

Damian has a vision of streamlining all county processing to help minimize delays.

The salmon watershed needs repair from neglect.

He wants to ease commuting for The Boeing Co. employees and want more accessibility to Paine field and ferry parking.

He thinks outside the box, for example, instead of demolishing or selling school facilities, renting them makes more sense, which would generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual school revenues.

Damian is forward looking and will meet the challenges head on with common sense solutions.

Charlotte Henderson