Current events: Army goes easy on officer

As a former Navy enlisted person I cannot understand why this officer, Lt. Watada, and supposed gentleman is being handled with such kid gloves by the Army. Is there some portion of this story that is not being reported? Now I see in the Whidbey News-Times he is coming to speak in Coupeville and Bremerton prior to his court-martial.

Why isn’t he at least confined to quarters, if he is still on active duty? I don’t remember a right to continue to speak, after failing to follow orders in the UCMJ. Harry Truman fired a five star general for similar actions of speaking out against current policy, and he did not even get a day in court.

I would bet if this was an enlisted person they would already be in Leavenworth. To allow an officer to continue such egregious actions is beyond belief.

David Flomerfelt

Oak Harbor