Compassionate, honest judges are necessary


We are in the midst of a global pandemic, heated politics and social unrest over who we want to be as Americans.

Whatever our perspective, we need to vote for what we are passionate about. We want judges that are honorable, compassionate and respectful.

A judge can make a huge difference.

It is literally their responsibility to uphold “what is right.”

I met Carolyn Cliff before I knew her role in our community. I’m a personal trainer at Island Athletic Club. We’d smile as Carolyn conquered the elliptical.

One day, a long time client and friend who is a professional guardian shared her appreciation for judges like Carolyn Cliff.

Since then, she’s had my vote.

We want people in elected positions to be genuine. We need people that can navigate the current social issues. Carolyn Cliff embodies the type of integrity we need to vote for.

Lila Browne