Letter: Bacon is very experienced, level headed


I have known Melanie Bacon, Democratic candidate for Island County commissioner, District 1, for 10 years. I am impressed with her kindness, dedication, fairness, hard work ethic, sense of integrity and balance in both her personal and professional life.

Melanie chose to live on Whidbey Island specifically because of its culture, natural environment and people. She left a far more lucrative, but less personally rewarding, job to dedicate her professional abilities and time to advocate for the people of Island County in her position as human resources director of our county government. She has expertly ushered forward that department for 10 years.

Due to her wide-ranging life experience, Melanie understands and appreciates people and issues from all perspectives. She has walked in many shoes, so to speak. I believe this is very valuable.

Melanie also has exceptionally broad professional experience. As a single mom, she supported herself and her two sons working two jobs. One as the sole owner of a small printing business. Later she was highly respected in her long-time position of fiduciary responsibility with an international company. She has contributed as a volunteer in her local communities and worked within government entities.

Melanie sees our shared Island home through the lenses of environmental, cultural and social responsibility. She has a lifetime proven record of identifying and bringing into sharp focus key problems and proposing creative and viable solutions. Melanie has worked persistently to ensure solutions are successfully implemented.

Melanie’s candidacy is endorsed by Helen Price Johnson, the outgoing Island County commissioner and candidate for state Senate in the 10th District.

In this election, we have an unique opportunity to elect a particularly competent, experienced, level headed person who genuinely loves the people and place of Island County, who knows the successes of Island County and fully understands the challenges facing Island County, not least among them budgetary.

There is no doubt Melanie has the greatest ability to fully engage and meet the challenges as a commissioner and as a person of the highest integrity and dedication.

I know Melanie Bacon is the best candidate for Island County commissioner. I strongly support her and, in truth, am honored to cast my vote for her. I urge you to join me and vote for Melanie Bacon.

Susan Lindsey Cohen

Oak Harbor

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