NAS Whidbey Island Saving Energy with new LED lights

Night time drivers on Whidbey Island Naval Air Station’s Ault Field and the Seaplane Base will see changes to the look of streets and parking lots during April and May. Old high pressure sodium lights, which produce a distinctive orange glow, will be replaced by energy efficient light emitting diode or LED lights. The $300,000 project was awarded through a Utility Energy Service Contract with the Bonneville Power Administration. This photo shows the difference between the old and new lights.  Typically 60 percent more efficient than the existing lights, LED streetlights produce an even white colored light that helps drivers see better and improves safety while also saving the base $45,000 per year.  Additionally, the Navy will receive over $200,000 in rebates from Puget Sound Energy.  Early installations of this lighting can be seen on Intruder Street, the Admiral Nimitz Hall galley and in parking lots near Haviland Hangar and the base gym. Daytime drivers will see lift trucks occasionally blocking one lane of traffic between April 14 and May 28.  Drivers should be alert for flaggers, traffic cones and construction zones. (U.S. Navy photo)