Homes for Heroes honors Oak Harbor financial group

Homes for Heroes, Inc., which provides various savings to five groups of individuals considered heroes, recognized local businesswomen Kris Crane last month for having served 106 heroes since bringing the national program to Western Washington in 2013.

Crane was inducted into the program’s 100 Heroes Served Club and honored for providing over $165,000 in Hero Rewards savings through her mortgage company to local military personnel and veterans, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, teachers and emergency medical professionals and healthcare workers.

The company, Crane Financial Group, is a full service direct lender with the authority to approve and fund loans for customers looking to purchase or refinance a home.

The company cuts its own profits to provide local heroes with savings or a credit on their closing costs when buying, selling or refinancing a home, according to the Oak Harbor native.

Though the company is established in Snohomish, Crane recently opened a new office in Oak Harbor with the hope of serving the heroes throughout her hometown.

Since November alone, the company has served 20 Island County hero families with over $69,000 in Hero Credits through the new office.

“Kris exemplifies what it truly means to be a member of this program,” said Homes for Heroes CEO and Founder Ruth Johnson in a recent press release.

“Being a Homes for Heroes affiliate requires more than just helping heroes with their real estate needs, it means getting involved in the local community and helping heroes with whatever they need.

“We couldn’t be more proud to have someone of her caliber as a part of our team and representing local community heroes.”