Wing 10 sees change of command

Capt. Vincent W. Segars transfers command of Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 10, to Capt. Brett Mietus during a change of command ceremony at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Mietus relieved Segars during the CPRW-10 change of command ceremony Thursday. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Caleb Cooper)

Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 10 held a change of command ceremony at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Thursday, April 2.

Capt. Brett W. Mietus relieved Capt. Vincent W. Segars as commodore. Former commodore of Wing 10 and current operations officer, Naval Air Forces, Capt. Garner D. Morgan was the guest speaker.

“He’s the kind of person who doesn’t strive for success,” said Morgan of outgoing commodore Segars. “Instead he strives to be a person of value. He doesn’t concentrate on what’s needed to ascend the ranks. He simply does what’s right for our country and our Navy, every time.”

Segars attributes his success as a leader to the personnel who make up Wing 10.

“For Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 10 squadrons, units and staff it’s been an honor to be your commodore,” Segars said. “Thank you for being the professionals I’ve challenged you to be.”

During Segars’ tenure as commodore, CPRW 10 oversaw 39,000 mishap free flight hours, four patrol squadron deployments to 5th and 7th fleets and maintained continuous intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support in every theater of operations.

“True measure of your leadership is not merely a conglomeration of statistics about mission ready aircraft, mission readiness, flight hour execution and all that other stuff we track,” said Morgan. “More importantly it’s about the intangibles, like the admiration and respect you have from all of us with whom you served.”
Meitus recognized Segars’ successful turn at the helm.

“I’d like to thank Vince Segars and his family for turning over an exceptional wing,” said Meitus.
Meitus expressed pride and joy to be a part of and leader of Wing 10.

“I’d like to express thanks to our nation and the Navy for this amazing opportunity,” said Meitus. “There is no better place to serve, no better community to be a part of and no better wing to lead.”