David’s DVD Den offers eclectic collection

The DVD rental business in Coupeville just got a bit more competitive.

David’s DVD Den opened Tuesday across from the Coupeville Post Office. Its opening doubles the number of video rental shops in the historic Central Whidbey Island town.

Owned by David Svien and Jonathan Young, the Den offers an eclectic collection of titles that are difficult to find at the larger chain video rental stores.

Svien said he wants to focus on smaller and independent films. He also does have a selection of new releases as well.

He assembled the Den’s selection from his personal collection of DVDs along with donations from former customers he served when he worked at Videoville, where he recently worked as manager.

When new owners bought Videoville, he decided to leave and open up a shop that was different than a typical rental store.

“I always wanted to go back to what Videoville used to be when I started working,” Svien said.

Rather than walls and cases crammed with DVDs with murals of film and stars, he wanted the Den to feel more like a home.

Located in the lower level of the Platt and Arndt Attorneys building on Coveland Street, the Den is dominated by two lounge chairs facing a television playing a classic movie, which, during a recent visit, happened to be the Marlon Brando classic, “On the Waterfront.” Several classic movie posters were hung on the walls along with a “Clerks” jersey.

Growing up in Coupeville watching classic movie stations on cable, Svien became a fan of movies of the ‘40s and ‘50s.

“Back then there was better writing,” Svien said, adding the dialogue was snappier and performers could speak without mumbling. Svien’s opinion carries weight on Whidbey Island where he has been the well-regarded movie reviewer for the Coupeville Examiner, now the Whidbey Examiner, for a number of years.

He hopes David’s DVD Den will offer a niche for movie buffs looking for an alternatives to Blockbuster fare. He pointed out that Coupeville used to have two rental stores, however, Coupeville Video closed when the owner retired.

He opened the Den Tuesday and he hopes to continue to add titles. Located in the corner of the building, he does have room to grow.

Currently, David’s DVD Den is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.