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Man charged in Island County court for ripping off disabled woman

A 37-year-old Bellingham man is accused of stealing a car from a disabled woman who had hired him to help take care of her animals, court documents show. Prosecutors charged Brodie Daniel in Island County Superior Court June 2 with possession of methamphetamine and taking a motor vehicle without permission.

Whidbey family homeless and living in the woods

In the middle of a wooded lot on North Whidbey, it looks like a giant tornado picked up a house, shook all the contents out and then flung the building far, far away. A trail, illuminated at night by makeshift lights, leads through the trees to a ghostly specter hung up to scare away thieves. The Halloween decoration guards a giant assortment of household items heaped into the woods. There’s furniture, children’s toys, potted plants, moldy clothing, a soggy coin collection, a nail polishing kit, a baseball bat, a stop sign, dishes, holiday decorations, boxes and bags galore. Three people, left homeless in a home foreclosure, have been living for weeks in a tiny motorhome — stuffed full of the basic necessities of life — parked in the middle of the woods, surrounded by the piles of belongings.

Oak Harbor cops prepare for a rowdy July 4 weekend

Island County Sheriff Mark Brown is predicting a busy, possibly explosive, Fourth of July weekend. "Complaints will probably double because it's on a weekend," he said. "But weather will influence a lot of what goes on." For now, meteorologists are predicting a pleasant Independence Day weekend, with patchy clouds and highs in the upper 60s. Fireworks fans can purchase legal pyrotechnics and light them off during the prescribed times. The same rules apply in Oak Harbor, Coupeville and the unincorporated areas of the county.

Island County cops fear rowdy July 4 weekend

Island County Sheriff Mark Brown is predicting a busy, possibly explosive, Fourth of July weekend.

Oak Harbor man charged with assault, accused of smothering girlfriend

An 18-year-old Oak Harbor man accused of smothering his girlfriend is a facing a felony charge. Prosecutors charged Fritz Ratcliffe in Island County Superior Court with assault in the third degree, domestic violence.

Detective’s nose points out 2 pot operations

One of the two Whidbey Island men who last October for growing pot plants will likely be going to jail soon.

‘Little Bob’ concerns addressed

Probably the most significant thing about a meeting of the Island County Economic Development Council last Wednesday was the astounding number of public officials, candidates for office and business people who attended.

Child rape verdict follows boy’s testimony

A jury found a 34-year-old Oak Harbor man guilty of sexually assaulting a preschool-aged boy at an informal daycare.

This week’s for nurses

Ann Bell jokes around with a husband and wife as the female half is hooked up to an IV line that’s bringing chemotherapy drugs to her body.

America’s Third Party starts here

David Jon Sponheim and Sarah Hart know how to dream big. From a home on North Whidbey, they’ve started a uniquely grassroots effort they hope will do nothing less than change the world.

Where’s the bad beef?

Seen as boost for marina