Jessie Stensland

Church seeks mercy as molester sentenced

A very unusual case of a 21-year-old Oak Harbor man who confessed to molesting nine children while babysitting them ended Friday with a very unusual… Continue reading

Candidates joust over employee review

Two candidates for two seats on the Island County Board of Commissioners worked in the county’s planning department, but had very different experiences.Angie Homola’s employment… Continue reading

Auditor candidate defends degree

A candidate for Island County auditor received his master’s degree online from an unaccredited institution.Jim Palmer, a Republican from Oak Harbor, said he recently heard… Continue reading

Neighborhood assault locks down two Oak Harbor schools

Two Oak Harbor schools were locked down over the noon hour Wednesday after a woman in a nearby home reported being assaulted by a knife-wielding stranger. Sgt. John Dyer with the Oak Harbor Police said the 25-minute lockdown of Oak Harbor High School and Hillcrest Elementary was just a precaution and police had no reason to think the assailant would go to the schools.

Prosecutors say flare gun, phone calls used to harass

A 64-year-old Oak Harbor man is accused of displaying a flare gun to a secretary in a law office, leaving a threatening message for an… Continue reading

Whidbey teen accused of child rape

An 18-year-old Oak Harbor student accused of child rape is being tried as an adult even though he committed the alleged crime when he was just 14. Colleen Kenimond, the Island County chief criminal prosecutor, explained that the student must be tried as an adult under state law because the victim didn’t disclose the crime until the defendant was 18 years old.

Rhine forced out early at Whidbey General Hospital

Longtime Whidbey General Hospital CEO Scott Rhine was encouraged to resign months ahead of his planned retirement date.Three members of the public hospital board of… Continue reading

War creates voting activist

Voting is in Zach Fuentes’ blood.The Oak Harbor resident will turn 27 on election day. He’s fully aware that it may be the most important… Continue reading

Two from same party seek auditor position

The race for Island County auditor is historic.It’s not a high-profile competition. It lacks any big issues and many people don’t even know what a… Continue reading

Bail $100,000 for attempted rape suspect

A 27-year-old man accused of trying to rape his ex-girlfriend at her Langley home is being held in jail on $100,000 bail, court documents state.Prosecutors… Continue reading

South Whidbey boosted whooping cough episode

Three cases of whooping cough were reported to Island County Health Department last Friday, but officials believe they actually mark the final end of an… Continue reading

Popular candidates, varied backgrounds

Voters may have a tough time deciding between two candidates for Island County commissioner.Republican Phil Bakke and Democrat Helen Price Johnson are vying to represent… Continue reading

High court to review case of man who killed son

The Washington State Supreme Court recently served the Island County prosecutor with some mixed news.The good news — from the perspective of the prosecutor —… Continue reading

Veteran McDowell vs. upstart Homola

It’s hard to imagine two North Whidbey residents more different than the candidates vying to represent the area on the Island County Board of Commissioners.Incumbent… Continue reading

Nephew of Whidbey cop killer wanted by police

Ryan Hutchinson, the nephew of a South Whidbey cop killer, threatened to murder deputies and is now wanted on a $50,000 warrant, court documents state.Island… Continue reading

Threats to kill alleged

A report of a man threatening to burn down an Oak Harbor home resulted in a very brief armed standoff Sept. 24, according to court… Continue reading

Man allegedly points gun at wife

A 33-year-old resident is accused of pointing a handgun at his wife in front of their two children, court documents state.Prosecutors charged Carlos Brown, a… Continue reading

Assaults on wife called felonious

A 21-year-old Oak Harbor man is facing multiple felony charges for choking and assaulting his wife on three separate occasions, according to court documents.Prosecutors charged… Continue reading

Obama, McCain snubbed for Whidbey politicians

The economy was on the minds of more than 100 residents who decided to forego the presidential debate Tuesday night in order to listen to… Continue reading

Matches blamed for fire

A boy accidentally set his Oak Harbor house on fire while playing with matches Oct. 3.The Friday morning blaze caused an estimated $50,000 in damage… Continue reading