Voters have tough choices despite quiet election year

It’s been a quiet election year on Whidbey Island.

Candidates are running unopposed for four Oak Harbor City Council seats, three WhidbeyHealth board seats and a handful of other positions.

Perhaps the liveliest race, at least in terms of campaign signs, is for a cemetery district position.

Still, voters have some tough decisions to make with the Nov. 7 general election less than a week away.

John Diamond and Cory Glach are running for seats on the Oak Harbor School Board. Either man is a good choice. They both say that the district is headed in the right direction.

We urge voters, however, to choose Diamond. He manages computers for ICOM, the county’s 911 dispatch system, and has well-thought-out ideas for improving student access to technology.

T.J. Lamont and Gerald Smith are running for a seat on the North Whidbey Fire and Rescue board. They have similar ideas about what they see as the future of the district; they both opposed the proposed fire levy lift or a move toward a career-run force.

They are good people who have extensive experience in the fire service.

Lamont was formerly a commissioner during a financially prudent period in the district. But, we urge voters to choose Smith, a Navy firefighter and volunteer with the district. He understands firsthand the challenges facing firefighters and offers fresh ideas.

Funeral director Bryan Stucky raised the profile of the cemetery district for North Whidbey with campaign signs dotting the town. He’s running against Heidi Beck, who was appointed to the position a year ago.

Stucky has valuable insight into the funeral business, but the funeral home he works for competes with the cemetery in some ways.

To avoid a potential conflict of interest, we endorse Beck.

In Coupeville, Christine Crowell is facing Brett Rebischke-Smith for a seat on the town council. Both newcomers should be commended for stepping forward, but Crowell is better versed on the issues facing the town.

We urge a vote for Crowell.