Letters to the Editor

Keep a grip on your wallet

Olympia is following the course set by California. Our state deficit accounted for by population is almost the same as California. We have allowed the Democratically controlled legislature and governor to follow their spending ways. The first 30 days of the present legislative session, the controlling party has not looked at ways to correct their overspending but continue to look for more ways to take our money in one form or another.

The programs they passed the last session that they did not have the funding for, but were depending on this session to provide the funding, are a large part of the deficit. We have followed California’s example of excessive spending and just like them we are having problems with our budget. In Olympia, they are again talking about a state income tax, as well as tax on the number of cylinders your car has. Their new ideas are taxing you for the number of miles you drive either on your license renewal or your insurance and restriction on access to state owned land and the environmentalists favorite, the “cap and trade” for carbon. All you need to do is look at Europe and see the failure of their cap and trade program. They have followed the Kyoto Treaty for 10 years and the United States, which was smart enough to not ratify the treaty, has greater reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. So why is Olympia trying to force us to follow a failed program just to make the environmental activists feel good about running our state economy?

We know that we pay more for gas tax than any other state, but have massive transportation problems. What appears to be the transportation department’s hidden agenda is how to restrict your choices on transportation and force us to give up our private vehicles and take up public transportation. Overheard at one of the meetings on our troubled ferries in the state, the newly elected county commissioner was heard to say we would have to change our driving habits here in Island County. Olympia could use common sense and reduce the millions of dollars we spend on those who are here in this state and our nation in violation of laws. We could look at making Washington a business friendly state by reducing our onerous business taxes.

I feel we, in this state, are subject to “Obama mania” and his socialist dream for this country. The citizens of Washington continue down the same road. Increase the size and scope of state government at any cost and give the citizens more and more programs in hope that by giving them the programs, regardless of cost, in the hope they will vote for them the next election.

So, until the 2010 election comes and we have a chance to replace the entrenched liberal Democrat control in Olympia, keep a close watch on the excessive programs they are trying to impose on us and don’t forget to keep a tight grip on your wallet because Olympia is out to get their fingers in it one way or another.

Joseph Moreland

Oak Harbor

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