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America: Country shouldn't bully

What in the world is this country thinking? Have we already forgotten that we got our butts kicked for bullying a small third world country? Last time it was called the Vietnam conflict. The reputation of this country is based on the fact that we are not the aggressor or bully. With that, why in the world are we on the eve of attacking Iraq?

It appears that war is inevitable because I hear Iraq saying, “We are hiding nothing.” I see our inspectors are finding nothing in unhindered, surprise inspections and I hear Bush saying, “The signs are not encouraging.” Kind of like the small fragile school boy, with a black eye and bloody nose, would say to the bully who just beat him up, “See, I told you I had no money.”

Are we attacking because of weapons of mass destruction, which Iraq say they don’t have and we cannot find? Then why not attack North Korea for announcing they have a nuclear bomb and boldly tell us they will not disassemble it, and the fact that they sell missiles and weapons to Yemen, a known terrorist country? Because China would beat the snot out of the U.S.A. bully in quick time. So we won’t pick on North Korea. Maybe we should attack Saudi Arabia because they are also financing the Al-Qaida ; however, they are sitting on the largest oil pools in the world. Don’t want to anger the Saudis.

Attacking China when they knocked our Navy plane out of the sky and held our people would have been justified. But, again, bullies know who not to bully.

Are we attacking Iraq because they have poor human rights? Then why did we support Iraq by giving them weapons and training during the Iran-Iraq war? Human rights were not a problem then. Human rights violations seem to be valid only if we decide we need that country’s help or not.

We have never been threatened by Iraq. We cannot find the weapons our “intelligence” says Iraq has. Let us remember that this is the same “intelligence” that claimed our aircraft flying over Afghanistan were under fire by anti-aircraft weapons, so we blew up the site to find after the smoke cleared that it was simply an innocent wedding party. The same intelligence that cannot determine whether Bin-Laden is dead or alive. So why are we really going to attack Iraq?

I can see only three possible reasons. First being, a vindictive Georgie Bush taking revenge for the assassination attempt on his daddy, which Clinton did and was severely criticized by the Republicans for doing.

Second could be the fact that Iraq is sitting on the second largest oil pools in the world and with Saddam Hussein out of the way, we can retrieve and sell oil to anyone including ourselves. If this is true, this would be the largest corporate crime in the history of the world, yet with this administration, conceivable.

Third, it’s possible that Georgie is trying to save face. Let’s face the facts folks. There are two wars the U.S. has lost, Vietnam and the war on terrorism. This whole attack stuff started on Sept. 11, 2001. Bin-Laden and the Al-Qaida are to blame, not Iraq. Bin-laden has evaded our troops and we still do not know where he is. Al-Qaida is stronger than they were a year ago. In the process, we are on the verge of war with a country that had nothing to do with Sept. 11 and we, as Americans, have lost 98 percent of the rights we have fought for in over the last 200 years with the swipe of a pen on a document called Homeland Security.

American Arabs are being illegally arrested and questioned, and even incarcerated in the name of anti-terrorism. We did this with the American Japanese in WWII. Did we learn a lesson? Maybe not.

Wake up Americans. Between the attack of Iraq and Homeland Security the United States is no longer the “Land of the free and home of the brave.” If we must attack anyone, attack those who first attacked us. Speak out to stop this insanity before it gets too late. We just might get our arrogant U.S. behind kicked for a third time by the small guy.

George W. Pardington

Oak Harbor

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