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Administration lied about Benghazi | Letter

May 13, 2013 · Updated 4:04 PM


It is now abundantly clear that the Obama Administration lied to the American public about the Benghazi Consulate terrorist attack and engaged in a pre-election cover-up.

Abundantly clear to those of us who still care about truth in government that is.

From the lies about a YouTube video causing a spontaneous demonstration which went out of control to the lies about how nothing could have been done during the attack and the lies about how engaged President Obama was, we see that the Benghazi matter was a huge failure in American leadership and honesty.

We now know that state department and Intel personnel were very aware while it was happening that it was a calculated Islamic Jihadist terrorist attack on American interests on the 9/11 anniversary.

Ambassador Stevens last known words were “we are under attack.” The subsequent cover-up of that fact is shameful.

The problem now is getting the High Emotion, Low Information Obama (HELIO) voters to care about the fact that their federal government conspired to mislead them in order for a sitting president to get re-elected.

I am not optimistic about this endeavor.

Getting the HELIO voter to pay attention beyond Dancing with the American Idol Stars, the latest prurient sex scandal or exactly how much their “free” government entitlements are will be difficult at best.

Everything Santa Claus Obama gave them to buy their vote last November was laced through and through with a very powerful narcotic called Largesse and they have all since returned to their slumber.

One bright note — Hillary Clinton will possibly, finally, be held to account for the some of the deaths she is linked to.

Also, I wonder who the Democrats will run now in 2016? Dr. Kermit Gosnell? That would be a good choice for them as he embodies the Democratic National Convention platform. Republican Dr. Ben Carson will run circles around him.

Does anyone know how much money President Obama made at his fundraiser in Vegas that he went to the next day after 9/11/12 instead of staying in Washington, D.C. and handling the Benghazi cover-up personally?

Ty Welch

Oak Harbor


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